Montgomery County EMS Student Satisfaction Survey (2015)

The purpose of this survey instrument is to evaluate our program resources. The data compiled will aid the program in an ongoing process of program improvement.
INSTRUCTIONS: Consider each item separately and rate each item independently of all others. Select the rating that indicates the extent to which you agree with each statement. Please do not skip any rating area.  The greater the information you provide, the better we can improve our programs and assist you with any current challenges.
Please select the program you are attending or did attend:
Please select the location where you took the class:
Please enter the approximate start date of your class:
Please enter the name(s) of your class coordinator(s):


Your instructors are prepared and organized for each class.
Instructor organization - If you answered DISAGREE, please explain.
Do you feel that there was enough time spent on skill practice?
Do your instructors present and have a good working knowledge of the course material?
Overall, please rate the quality of education/training that you received during this class.


Have your questions or concerns addressed to your satisfaction by your coordinator(s) during class?
Please rate the overall effectiveness of your coordinator(s):


Please enter any comments / discussion you may feel important to the improvement of this program.


Would you like a representative from the Montgomery County EMS office contact you regarding any concerns?
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If you prefer to be contacted by a representative of the EMS office via telephone, please provide your preferred telephone number below.