Core Disaster Life Support™ (CDLS)®

The CDLS Course v.3.0 is a competency-based, awareness-level course that introduces clinical and public health concepts and principles for the management of disasters and public health emergencies. The course incorporates the “all-hazards” approach to personal, institutional, and community disaster management through the use of two unique mnemonics, the PRE-DISASTER Paradigm™ (which applies to event mitigation and preparedness) and the DISASTER Paradigm™ (which applies to event recognition, response, and recovery).

The overarching aim of the CDLS Course is to provide participants from diverse professions, disciplines, and backgrounds with a common lexicon, vocabulary, and knowledge in disaster-related medicine and public health that can be reinforced and expanded in the Basic Disaster Life Support™ (BDLS®) and Advanced Disaster Life Support™ (ADLS®) Courses.

Target Audience: The CDLS Course is aimed at a broad range of audience categories, including medical first responders, health professionals, health service providers, public health workers, hospital and healthcare administrators, and health support personnel..

Time: 4.5 Hours

Homeland Security Course OK-006-RESP

PA DOH EMS Course #: 007188

Level Total      Med/Trauma Other
FR 4.5   1 3.5
EMT 4.5   1 3.5
EMT-P 4.5   1 3.5
PHRN 4.5   1 3.5
Other hours categories:  
Education: 0 Rescue: 0
Operations: 0 Haz-Mat: 0
Administration: 0 Miscellaneous: 0